Catfighting rules

    Catfighting, despite the intimidating sound of the term (and the expression in the pic to the right), can be fun and as safe, if not safer than, straight wrestling. But it must be done properly and with the appropriate opponent.

    The first caveat I would offer is: don't ever catfight somebody you haven't wrestled and never catfight an inexperienced wrestler. Experienced wrestlers know how to pull hair without yanking it out and grab you without scratching. They are also calm in combat and won't let things get out of hand.

    You'll learn how to do these additional things when you start fighting but I'll cover a couple now.

  • Fight to submissions or pins just like a wrestling match. Don't fight until somebody can't continue; that's too dangerous.
  • Usually, the three catfight techniques are hair pulling, slapping and breast grabbing. You can include any or all of these in the fight but both of you must consent to them beforehand.
  • Surprising as it may seem, the most dangerous of these techniques is actually the hairpull. That may be because it's the a beginner may be most familiar with (from Junior High or something when you tried to "yank her hair out by the roots!!!" grrrr). Repress all such tendencies, sweetie! Here you are pulling hair for position not to yank it out. The best way is to combine your hair grab with a push of the palm on the head, making sure your opponent's head will "give" with the pull. (just like you see in this photo). And don't pull it evenly so she has time to react and move with the pull. (The woman on the bottom is doing a picture perfect position hair pull -- you can see she's restraining but not yanking). Practice on yourself to get a feel for how it feels. It's NOT for everyone.
  • Grab breasts with the fingertips and never dig nails in no matter how short they are. Breast twisting is an extreme maneuver and should probably be avoided unless you both know what you're doing. Just grab them and squeeze if you've included that. In the photo to the right, these rather well endowed ladies appear to be doing something extremely dangerous. In fact, Crystal Films' Maylay (on the bottom) and her lovely opponent are doing it perfectly: their nails are long but, even in the heat of battle, they are kept away from the flesh. No scratch marks here! If you are sure you can do it this way, include breast grab if you want; if you're not sure, do NOT do it. Please!

    By the way, see the "safety" section for some information on nails and length and accidental scatches. Remember that these women are experienced in this kind of fighting and they know how to use this technique without scratching. A scratch isn't the end of the world but it can cause discomfort and infection if not treated do check the safety section.

  • Slap with open fingers and short slaps. You can slap full circle to the body if you want but keep the slaps to the face short with the fingers open and loose. If a slap makes you angry, do NOT retaliate. Talk about this beforehand because it's very important -- blows are schocking and shock can turn into anger. This is not a street fight. If you're not sure you can stay calm when hit in the face, don't hit to the face.
  • Never kick your opponent with a knee. Knees are deadly!




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